Suitable V or Poly-V Belts

Component Name: Suitable V- or Poly-V Belts
Function / Definition: Wrapped V-belts: For demanding drives in all sectors of machine engineering; classic in accordance with DIN 2215, narrow in accordance with DIN 7753)

Raw Edge V-Belts_ Transversely stiff, raw-edge, heavy-duty V-belts for powerful, sustained power transmission with enhanced running smoothness; compliant with DIN 2215 and DIN 7753.

Banded V-belts: Consist of several individual belts with a shared cover plate to form a unit. This significantly reduces vibrations in the individual belts.

Poly-V Belts: Greater design flexibility with CONTI®V MULTIRIB Multiple V-Ribbed Belts for high transmission ratios, high belt speeds and serpentine drives.

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