Engine Mounts

Component Name: APSOvib® Engine Mounts (Marine mounts)
Intended use: Engine mounts are mainly intended for the suspension of engines of all kinds, in the marine sector as well as in construction machinery or stationary engines such as generators.
Although they are often referred to as "Marine mounts", their application is not limited to this field of activity alone.
Features: Due to their shape, the transversal and longitudinal stiffness are different in order to best respond to different stresses such as the longitudinal shocks generated for example by an excavator.
The metal part completely covers the elastomer to protect it from UV rays and possible oil and grease spills. Since they are mainly intended for mobile applications they guarantee a tear-off resistance for an acceleration of 5G and more due to their metal-on-metal construction.
For marine applications, they are available on request in stainless steel.
Support material: SR235 JR, zinc-plated, chromated (CR VI free) or stainless steel on request.
Damping material: NR, black or CR, black on request.
Stiffness: According to standard product ranges or fully adaptable to customer needs.
Certification: Our production is certified according to ISO TS 16949.
Complies with 2002/95/EG (RoHS).