HD High Deflection Cabin Bushings

Component Name: APSOvib® HD High Deflection Cabin Bushings
Intended use: HD High Deflection cabin bushings are specially designed as cabin support for agricultural and construction machines, tractors, trucks, busses or other moving vehicles that need to be effectively protected against vibration and noise.
Compared to HD High Deflection conical bearings, they are preferred when the cab has to rotate on its axis.
Features: In the field of cabin suspension, HD High Deflection cabin bushings offer one of the best solutions. In case of shocks or accidents, they guarantee a strong tear-off resistance due to their metal-on-metal construction.
Furthermore, they provide ideal insulation protection against all kinds of possible vibrations within the mobile application. Those are not only caused by the mounted device itself but by the off-road driving conditions or the environment like unevenness of the street or road holes.
Thanks to the special design, their stiffness is progressive, giving the advantage of excellent insolating ability and absorbing shocks due to vehicle movements.
Depending on the application, they can also have different stiffnesses. Their shape gives them an exceptional service life to meet the most severe requirements.
Support material: S235JR, zinc-plated, chromated (CR VI free) or fully adaptable to customer needs.
Damping material: NR, black.
Stiffness: Fully adaptable to customer needs.
Certification: Our production is certified according to ISO TS 16949.
Complies with 2002/95/EG (RoHS).