Screw Insulation FLEX LOC

Component Name: APSOvib® Screw Insulation FLEX LOC
Intended use: Screw insulation are offering the simple solution for the assembly of appliances or the joining of sheets, metal plates and glass panes.
In this way, a single element allows easy assembly from the outside like a rivet and uncouples the elements from each other, thus avoiding the transmission of vibrations throughout the whole structure. This element is particularly used for agricultural and construction of machines and tractor bodies.
Features: Screw insulation are made of high elasticity elastomers with a vulcanized nut at the end.
They are available from stock in different sizes to suit every application.
Support material: Nut in steel S235JR.
Damping material: CR, black.
Stiffness: According to standard product ranges.
Certification: Our production is certified according to ISO TS 16949.
Complies with 2002/95/EG (RoHS).